Our firm with six employees has been manufacturing small metal products and tools since 1995.
The majority of our production is run on eleven excentric presses of 25 - 100 tons capacity.
  We also have our own, well equipped tool workshop with all necessary machines and devices , with the help of which we provide fluent maintenance of tools and also production of new ones.  
  Our firm can also provide further treatment for our products, like:
- galvanizing,
- washing,
- cutting coils,
  We also provide transoportation  
  We also aim at further technological development, perfection and permanent improvement of our knowledge. We care a lot about the quality of our work, so we decided to acquire the international certificate of quality ISO 9001-2000, which we realized in 2005.  
  If we manage to provide products of best quality, manufactured in very short time at a low price, keep our position in the previous market or even expand, our purpose will be fulfilled. This is our main goal for the future.